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Research Papers on the Belt and Road Initiative

Research Papers on the Belt and Road InitiativeThe Belt and Road Initiative is a program for developing countries, which was launched in 2020 by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The program targets the countries in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia, and South Pacific. Several research papers, both short and long term, on the project were done, and these are presented here.The Belt and Road Initiative are one of the most talked about initiatives of the moment. In a recently released documentary film, the President of Kazakhstan claims, 'The Belt and Road Initiative is a great opportunity for me, for my country, and for the entire world.' A documentary on the initiative has been released at the end of March; it explains that it will create a new era of peaceful cooperation between China and its neighbors, while putting immense pressure on the United States.The roadway stretches for some twelve thousand kilometers from China to Central Asia. A s I pointed out in a previous post, this is enough to form the biggest land border in the world. It also coincides with the biggest trade route for the last six thousand years, the Silk Road. The Chinese have set up another major highway, the East Asia High-Speed Railway, to provide connectivity between the Belt and Road and the European continent.One of the best research papers on the initiative was written by Thomas Pitney, a professor of public affairs at Claremont McKenna College, and a participant in the initiative. He came to the conclusion that the Belt and Road Initiative are the 'most significant development in trade policy since the Great American Interstate System and the advent of international commerce.'He also points out that the initiative provides the ideal platform for global prosperity. It will bring vast amounts of goods to Central Asia and into China. This could create the foundation for the eventual construction of infrastructure and railroads for the rest of th e world, which could take centuries to complete.The road initiative will also provide an opportunity for the Chinese to work together with the other countries of Central Asia. They are also likely to build industrial parks and modern airports at several strategic locations, to facilitate trade. This is the most important idea behind the initiative. The initiative makes Central Asia one of the fastest growing regions in the world.A few other research papers on the initiative include a study on the economic role of the initiative, analysis of the possible outcomes, and a study on the cultural impact of the initiative. All these are included in a recent report by a business think tank called the Frontier Group. One of the really interesting ideas they bring up is the idea of using the initiative as a means of creating 'a new unitary global market, a new borderless international economic space,' and the 'creation of a new paradigm for how trade and finance are done.'

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Business Policy Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Business Policy Concepts - Essay Example A good corporate strategy should integrate an organization's goals, policies, and action sequences (tactics) into a cohesive whole. The success of Japanese companies revealed implementation policies which appeared to be unique but have now been shown to be valid in many business environments, for example management by walking around (MBWA) proved to be a successful technique for Honda. Senior management's contacts with key people resulted in appropriate choice of policies and to the success of the company philosophy. This shows that corporate choice of strategy and implementation of that strategy involves many different concepts, theories and frameworks. An understanding of major choices of corporate policies and their advantages and disadvantages is critical to the understanding of business policy process {Johnson et al, 2005]. In a perfect world a strategy planned by the management will proceed according to plan and be implemented. Unfortunately any belief that strategy can be formulated on the basis of intended and deliberate actions to result in commercial success is far from the truth. This concept rules out any opportunity to adapt to a changing market situation. In a number of cases a situation may develop where incremental changes in the strategy may result in a more advantageous position for the company. This is a positive example of strategic drift. A preplanned and formulated strategy also assumes an organization to be homogeneous where management decisions from the top can be implemented in full. In practice the decisions are effected by power behavior, cultural and political factors. Quinn [cited in Peppard et al, 1996] argued that strategy develops incrementally as a result of decision made due to developing market situations and other organizational experiences. This strategic drift results in a course which is often significantly different from formal planning. Drift in strategic planning is a fact of organizational strategy. It does not mean that strategic policy making is a useless process as it will eventually drift into something new. It only recognizes that changes often become necessary due to extraneous factors and require adjustments to the strategy to keep the broader strategy on course. Porter's 5 Forces Porter's five forces is a useful tool for analyzing the factors impacting on strategy formulation. [Porter, 1980] identified forces that impact every business. The objective of the strategy is to use these competing forces to result in a positive impact on the business. These forces identified by Porter are the driving forces of the industry. The strategy analysis thus analyses the impact of these forces on a particular business and how to minimize the impact of the negative forces and maximize the benefits of the positive forces. The five forces are: 1. The threat of new entrants 2. Bargaining power of suppliers 3. Bargaining power

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Contemporary Topics For Macroeconomics Research Paper

Contemporary Topics For Macroeconomics Research PaperGood contemporary topics for macroeconomics research paper are far more often than not driven by a strong belief in the notion that timely developments in technology, investment and the environment affect the longer-term future of the economy. As such, the presentation of traditional macroeconomic topics are heavily driven by the psychology of entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs.The common threads that tie together contemporary topics for macroeconomics research paper are the opportunities afforded by the modern environment. Whether it be a heightened level of education, access to high-quality information, the inclusion of new technologies, the consolidation of the industry through mergers and acquisitions, or the emergence of new markets, businesses, and markets, you can be sure that the present culture is well attuned to the future and to the necessity to do a good job in maintaining it.These same conditions are oftentimes similar to those found in microeconomic settings. There is a need to continuously strive to change the way our economy works to take advantage of such opportunities as opportunities afforded by globalization, information technology, new markets, and the emergence of new industries.Of course, technological innovations, the improvement of overall physical factors and the increase in the availability of the same resources through new markets all play a vital role in how these new markets for instance the effect of new information technologies and the creation of new markets have impacted the economy over the last several decades. From a microeconomic perspective, you are highly likely to see this influence amplified through your research efforts.Online presentations are now taking place, whether in an office environment or in the classroom, and many take place on daily bases. Because you are informed and well informed by the outside world of current events, trends, consumer behaviour, or demographics of the world, you are often considered to be at the cutting edge of the nation's economic policy.The current historical situation and the context in which the economy exists as a whole will undoubtedly lead to the discussion of contemporary topics for macroeconomics research paper. As such, it is important to provide the proper context and the appropriate academic context for the research. If your presentation focuses on current and historical models of macroeconomic dynamics, you are likely to receive the best payback for your efforts.Ultimately, your focus is only as good as the results you obtain from your research. The importance of your topic is only valid insofar as it is of benefit to the economy and the nation in which you live and work.

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New Questions About Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College Answered and Why You Must Read Every Word of This Report

New Questions About Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College Answered and Why You Must Read Every Word of This Report Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College - Is it a Scam? The shortage of very good support sources will end in a decrease grade. Colleges want to find a feeling of maturity and introspectionpinpoint the transformation and demonstrate your private growth. Remember your final grade significantly is dependent upon the topic. At the close of the day, the essay topics you select can make a tremendous effect on your final grade. The Little-Known Secrets to Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College The college essay is among the most crucial elements of your college application. The intent of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. Explain your commitments, and you're going to be the sort of student colleges find immensely attractive. In some instances, the college will give an essay topic for you. The Pain of Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College Once you choose a topic, you have to reply to the query and substantiate your response with three or more motivations as to why you think like that. So be certain you select a subject, which has values in it. As an example, let's say you select the very first topic from our list. Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College Secrets That No One Else Knows About When it has to do with writing, you always have a chance to learn, and it is far better to learn from the very best of the very best. Occasionally it only appears simple, but lots of students forget about the sort of academic writing they have to stick with. Whether you currently have a topic in mind or are interested in guidance in locating the ideal option possible, our team members will be able to help you create a 100% unique and authentic essay that will satisfy all your academic requirements. When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler t o write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a great deal about it. Individual schools sometimes need supplemental essays. Thus, writing a history paper will surely be fun, if you simply select a really intriguing history essay topic. You devote a whole lot of education on writing argumentative essays. Colleges can tell whenever your essay is merely a form essay. What Does Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College Mean? Annually, our experts write hundreds of essays on several different subjects for students all over the world. College is for a high amount of study. Colleges are not searching for perfect men and women. Inspiration to make your own advertising or media argumentative essay topics isn't tough to discover. There's plenty if useful information regarding the Web. If you're applying to a college that doesn't accept the Common App, you will have to answer their particular essay questions. The very first problems appea r when students attempt to discover easy argumentative essay topics and realize there are only a few topics which are both interesting and original. Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College - Dead or Alive? When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the most significant issue to do is to select a topic and an argument you can really get behind. There are many things you'd better bear in mind. Some people may think that the excellent content might be written on any topic and the paper success is dependent just on the mastery of the writer. For instance, you can write about something that personally affects you or somebody you know. Colleges wish to get to learn more about you. They are more likely to admit students who can articulate specific reasons why the school is a good fit for them beyond its reputation or ranking on any list. Students ought to be permitted to pray in school. They lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline. Top Good Arg uentative Essay Topics for College Secrets If you would like to write a great history essay you'd better select a topic that is familiar to you. A great college essay, particularly an argumentative essay requires you to develop an intriguing topic to write about. Pick an intriguing essay topic, and you will begin enjoying it. It's therefore important to cautiously consider different college essay topics. Recent argumentative essay topics that are related to society is going to do. An argumentative essay is not simple to write, we need to agree. It requires you to decide on a topic and take a position on it. If you haven't been provided a prompt to write about, you must produce your own interesting creative essays. Locate a classification you care about, something which will not simply reveal the facts but also enable you to demonstrate your own attitude. There are lots of things you wish to live, many things you feel, and you simply don't know if a number of the situations you do are ok or not. Pick a distinctive topic that others may not think of, and whatever you select, make sure that you know a lot about it! When you are requested to pick a great topic for your argument, start with something you're familiarized with. Whether you've got to make an essay on the most recent scientific findings in your area of study or over your interpretation of a bit of classic literature, you should have the proper facts and data together with the ability to write content that engages and commands attention. Becoming in a position to compose a strong argument will allow you to succeed in society. In the event the matter is personal, that's simple to do. Our life is about words. The 5-Minute Rule for Good Arguentative Essay Topics for College You might also give some general facts or informative details to pull in the readers. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics as you need opposing points you may counter to your own points. This list of talking points is the best you are able to find online. Your solution shouldn't be a book report. A lot of history essay topics are too big for a couple pages. The option of compare and contrast essay topics isn't a simple task because you should clearly show your analytical skills. In circumstances when you get to select the topic for an argumentative essay, you need to be wise and locate a title that will intrigue a reader. It is vital to opt for a great topic so as to compose a terrific paper.

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Whos Concerned About Upper Elementary Essay Topics and Why You Need to be Paying Attention

Who's Concerned About Upper Elementary Essay Topics and Why You Need to be Paying Attention Skills will nonetheless vary and progress at various prices, but students that are familiarized with Writer's Workshop is going to have a normal chance to practice independent writing. Children should have the ability to use cellphones in school. Unique teachers decorate their classes in various manners. Try to remember, all sort of activities you're speaking about in the essay must be associated with the scholarship program. Yes, there's somebody who can aid you with your essays expert essay writers at MyPerfectWords. The SSAT essay section may give your son or daughter a chance to stick out against other candidates who might have the exact same score, and in that sense, be equally qualified. Students must write an essay depending on the picture prompt and make sure their writing sample is finished, with a start, middle, and end. Very often it becomes tough to choose 1 topic either on account of the many ideas in the student's head, or due to their complete absence. Your principal is attempting to determine which teacher is going to be nominated from your school. The folks who think Obama made an excellent president are the exact folks that are now starting to say that Bush was a fantastic president. The folks who think Warren would earn a great president are the very same folks who think Obama made an excellent president. What to Do About Upper Elementary Essay Topics Before You Miss Your Chance You cannot write a great essay whenever you're in a rush or thinking about various other things you need to do. You also can be inspired by your favourite Christian authors and produce your very own 3-Point Sermon for Kids. To receive a better grip at writing, essay writing is a powerful exercise which then provides the ability to write on just about any subject of your interest. Write a concise biography of your favourite author and discuss why the author you prefer. If you're writing about something which is not from your own experience, don't just utilize Wikipedia, I know most of us love it, but it isn't enough. Moreover, you are able to also conduct an interview to have the idea on how it's taken. Everybody has a favorite object they treasure. Now, describe your private flag in order for your reader can see it clearly. Other types of conflict might not be so easily detected. Oh, and not everybody can write 5,000 word features right from the gate. What Does Upper Elementary Essay Topics Mean? Imagine the caliber of writing you'll receive from an affordable essay writing service. ESL Essay is an essay that's written by means of a person whose mother tongue isn't English. What you aspire t o teach your reader will choose the sort of your essay. Now compose an essay describing your favourite place in order for your reader will have the ability to picture it. The SSAT Writing section isn't scored. Women ought to be fined each time they scream. Moreover, it's advised that you take advantage of transitional words and sentences so as to sustain a flow in the interview essay. There are some basic guidelines to follow to be able to be in a position to compose a very good persuasive essay. The introduction should be given after careful planning has gone in to pick a specific topic. An effective introduction is composed of thesis statement that's well-written and well-defined.

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What is collagen Essay Example for Free

What is collagen Essay Collagen is a simple protein made up of amino-acids. Amino acids are built from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. In fact collagen makes up approximately 30% of the protein within the body. As a structure Collagen is intensely strong and is a vital protein that is found all over the body: In tendons and ligaments. It plays an important role in the protection function of the skin in that it helps limit the absorption and spreading of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, micro organisms and cancerous cells. Why do we need collagen?  Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue and is responsible for: skin firmness, skin moisturisation, skin suppleness, constant renewal of skin cells. Research proves explicitly that the skin ageing process occurs in connective tissue, whose main ingredient is collagen. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity, which is essential for the flexibility of the skin without stretching. It allows our skin to constantly expand and contract without looking like a well worn, well loved old cardigan than has stretched beyond recognition. Skin loses its elasticity and ability to expand because of the decreasing ability to retain water. When elasticity is compromised, when we put on excessive weight, or we are pregnant, the elastin fibres are really under pressure and the result can mean stretch marks. Like Love and marriage, Laurel and Hardy, and Yin and Yang, both collagen and elastin fibres support and need each other. Because of this dependency upon each other, it is important to build both not just one, for real and best results. It is therefore important, that, to facilitate increased Collagen production within the skin, we need to ensure that we have increased elastin fibres, water and energy. The synthesis of collagen requires a high level of atmospheric oxygen. The collagen in these types of products are going to do nothing more than moisturize the skin. Collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin. Collagens dependency on Oxygen As mentioned in the section What is collagen† we already know Collagen is a simple protein made up of amino-acids, and that Amino acids are built from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It is therefore true to say that, in order for collagen to be produced, the body needs sufficient supply of all of these 3 fundamental elements. Let look closer at how the body actually receives these elements and begin to appreciate what we can do to help ourselves. Hydrogen (H) a macronutrient It would be virtually impossible to understate the importance of this element to human life. First of all, water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). We can survive years, or at least months without getting most of the other elements that we need to survive. We can survive weeks without food, but we would die after only a few days without water. Water is incredibly important in our bodies. In fact, almost 70% of our body is made of water. It dissolves other life-supporting substances and transports them to fluids in and around our cells. It is also a place in which important reactions take place in our bodies. Chemically, water is a remarkable substance and its many unique attributes make life possible. Hydrogen is obviously a critical component of water and minute chemical bonds called hydrogen bonds are what give water many of its unique attributes. Also, hydrogen is practically always bound to the carbon that our bodies are constructed of. Without this arrangement, our bodies would be little more than a pile of atoms on the ground. Stomach acid is a compound of hydrogen and chlorine (hydrochloric acid, or HCl). Logically, hydrogen is extremely important in allowing us to digest our food properly and to absorb the many other elements that we need to survive. Finally, many chemical reactions that make life possible involve the hydrogen ion. Without this unique and important element, we simply couldnt exist. Karin Herzog products based on the original and ground-breaking formulas of her Late Husband, Dr Paul Herzog, have been clinically proven to deliver additional water directly into the skin. This is no mean feat and is something that most other skin care product try to achieve to lesser or greater extent. Herzog remains the world’s only product to deliver not just oxygen but water deep into the skin. We can legally claim that we oxygenate the tissues as we have passed the necessary clinical testings by a recognised European testing laboratory. Using Herzog gives you peace of mind and assurance that the product you invest in, is doing what it is supposed to do and is a major benefit to the skin. Carbon (C) a macronutrient The element carbon is perhaps the single most important element to life. Virtually every part of our bodies is made with large amounts of this element. The carbon atom is ideal to build big biological molecules. The carbon atom can be thought of as a basic building block. These building blocks can be attached to each other to form long chains, or they can be attached to other elements. This can be difficult to imagine at first, but it may help to think about building with Lego blocks. You can think of carbon as a bunch of red Lego blocks attached together to form one long chain of Legos. Now, you can imagine sticking yellow, blue and green Legos across the tops of the red (carbon) Legos. These other colours represent other elements like oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen. As you stick more and more of these yellow, blue and green Legos to the red chain, it would start to look like a skeleton of Legos with a spine of red Legos and bones of yellow, blue and green Legos. This is a lot like the way that big molecules are made in the body. Without carbon, these big molecules could not be built. Now, virtually every part of your body is made up of these big molecules that are based around chains of carbon atoms. This is the reason we are known as carbon based life forms. Without carbon, our bodies would just be a big pile of loose atoms with no way to be built into a person. Carbohydrates are simple sugars, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. The body gets carbon therefore from a good diet because carbon atoms always bond to hydrogen atoms, using Herzog which delivers additional water allows more carbon to be transported, Oxygen (O) a macronutrient It may seem obvious that people need to breathe oxygen to survive, but plants need this element too. Many people think plants breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. But in reality, plants also breathe oxygen at certain times. Without oxygen, plants could not survive. Without plants, we wouldnt have food to eat. Plants do provide the oxygen and the earths atmosphere is made up of approximately 20% Oxygen. However in polluted areas like major inner-cities, this oxygen count is depleting and the air quality is compromised. Oxygen is the regulator within our bodies. It fights infection and bacteria. Oxygen has a stimulating effect on the 10 systems of the body and is used as the fuel and energy. Oxygen plays a vital role in the breathing processes and in the metabolism of the living organisms. Appropriate levels of oxygen are vital to support cell respiration. Oxygen plays an important role in the energy metabolism of living organisms. The living cell is the site of tremendous biochemical activity called metabolism This is the process of chemical and physical change which goes on continually in the human body: build-up of new tissue, replacement of old tissue, conversion of food to energy, disposal of waste materials, reproduction all the activities that we characterize as life. All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. It must be replaced every moment because 90% of our lives depend on it. Oxygen energizes cells so they can regenerate. Our body uses oxygen to metabolise food and to eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation. Our brain needs oxygen each second to process information. All of our organs need a great deal of oxygen to function efficiently. The ability to think ,feel ,move eat, sleep and even talk all depend on energy generated from oxygen. Oxygen is the only element capable of combining with almost every other element to form the essentials components necessary to build and maintain our body. For example oxygen + nitrogen+ hydrogen= protein : oxygen+ carbon+ hydrogen=carbohydrates : oxygen +hydrogen=water. How important is oxygen to a healthy body? Many experts conclude that a lack of oxygen in human cells and tissue is linked to a vast variety of and quite possibly all health problems and disease, and that supplemental oxygen therapies have remarkable physiological benefits. It plays a very important role in the body acting as guardian and protector against unfriendly bacteria and disease organism. Most scientists and doctors reiterate that metabolic disorders are the result of blood deficient in oxygen. When you consider the full importance of oxygen, it becomes clear that this versatile element is the single most important substance to life. Karin Herzog products based on the original and ground-breaking formulas of her Late Husband, Dr Paul Herzog, have been clinically proven to deliver additional Oxygen directly into the skin. This is no mean feat and is something that most other skin care products try to emulate. Herzog remains the worlds only product to deliver not just oxygen but water and vitamins deep into the skin. We can legally claim that we oxygenate the tissues as we have passed the necessary clinical testings by a recognised European testing laboratory. Using Herzog gives you peace of mind and assurance that the product you invest in, is doing what it is supposed to do and is a major benefit to the skin. Replace, increase and then keep topping up the vital life line elements for your cells ( including the skin ) that age, environment and modern living take out on a daily basis. To have peace of mind that that is in fact what you are doing it is good to know Herzog is logical, reliable and developed and supported by Specialists, clinicians and Doctors. Can the skin absorb collagen from a cream? Well not one to beat around the bush and wanting so much to educate and give people the facts to enable YOU the consumer to make an educated choice about what you spend your hard earned cash on. Here we go ‘It is impossible for your skin to absorb collagen from a cream that is placed topically onto the skin. ’ Fact! That means that any product you buy that purports to increase your collagen production by pushing collagen from the cream into the skin, is making a false claim. t best they can only moisturise the skin, which yes is important and beneficial but then lots of things do that and you don’t need to spend incredible amounts of money because the cream contains collagen! The only logical and proven way to increase collagen is to stimulate and increase your bodies own production of this protein. to do that it needs the elements we looked at in our previous sections: i. e. Oxygen Hydrogen – Carbon Karin Herzog products deliver 2 out of 3 of these elements, and the 3rd, Carbon, comes from your diet and then needs the other 2 to function fully. Applied correctly and regularly you can be assured that you are replacing the vital elements needed to maintain a healthy and active skin. Because of this results from Herzog are Cumulative. the skin just keeps on getting better and better until its the best your skin can be. Many clients report that their skin has got USED to the product they use and so its not working any more. This does not and can not happen with Herzog. The skin recognises and welcomes the delivery of essential elements and goes to work with them. Now thats Common sense, science and unique!

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Wuthering Heights- Is Heathcliff a man or a devil? Essay -- English Li

Wuthering Heights- Is Heathcliff a man or a devil? "Wuthering Heights" was written by Emily Brontà « and was first published in 1847, it was written during the "romantic period", it is a story of love, lust and sorrow all held together by extreme passion, love and hate. One of the main characters in the book Wuthering Heights is Heathcliff, he was a orphan who lived in Liverpool, we find very little about Heathcliff's past before he is adopted by the Earnshaw's, which makes Heathcliff a mysterious character. When Heathcliff comes to live at Wuthering Heights after being adopted by the Earnshaw's, he feels displaced as he does not know where to fit in with the family who seem to have "tight knit family system". In the beginning it is clear that Heathcliff is rejected by his older step brother Hindly and turns to Catherine for affection, but Heathcliff feels he is not worthy of the affection shown to him by his step father and the family and this causes problems with members of the family. Hindly automatically feels threatened by Heathcliff's presence and his hate for Heathcliff grows as Heathcliff gets the attention from there father that Hindly feels he deserve and this causes friction between the two characters. But Heathcliff has needs and one of these is to be loved which he feels only Catherine can do even from a very young age, they become the best of friends and feel wild together running in fields and playing together, and it shows when Heathcliff is young Catherine is his sole source of self esteem. When Mr. Earnshaw dies Catherine takes comfort with Heathcliff, and Hindly comes back from university to attend to the funeral after a while Heathcliff was degraded by Hindly because of Hindlys jea... ...raded and running away from Wuthering Heights isolating himself from his past only returning when he knows his revenge can be had, Heathcliff is also filled with dark qualities which make him return to seek revenge, but a Byronic hero is usually passionate about a particular issue, this particular issue for Heathcliff is Catherine and we see this as he seems to be addicted to her. A Byronic hero exhibits several characteristic traits, and in many ways he can be considered a rebel. The Byronic hero does not possess "heroic virtue" in the usual sense; instead, he has many dark qualities. With regard to his intellectual capacity, self-respect, and hypersensitivity, the Byronic hero is "larger than life," and "with the loss of his titanic passions, his pride, and his certainty of self-identity, he loses also his status as [a traditional] hero" (Thorslev 187).